VSCode Typings and Intellisense: Dummy Learning VS-Code 1

Jun 20, 2016

Updated on Jun 20 2016 for 1.0 typings and 1.x.x VS Code

I try to bring code intellisense to visual studio code for three.js today. The process is also suitable for other packages.

As it is said on Visual Studio Code website:

VS Code provides IntelliSense for built-in symbols of browsers, Node.js, and virtually all other environments through the use of type definition .d.ts files. DefinitelyTyped is a repository of typings files for all major JavaScript libraries and environments.

We will use Typings to install these files.

  • Make sure you’ve installed node.js and run:

      npm install typings --global
  • Go to your project directory, run:

      typings init

    There will be a typings.json file generated.

  • Now search for the three.js syntax file in DefinitelyTyped:

      typings search three

    It will show all matched results. Find the one we need, the name is three

  • Install three

      typings install three --save --global
    • If this doesn’t work, try specify a domain for the typings, use this:
      typings install dt~three --save --global
  • Now with 1.x.x VSCode, we need to generate a jsconfig.json file in the root of the project folder by clicking the light bulb button at the bottom right.

That’s it. Now we can enjoy the syntax intellisense in vscode! For other languages and packages the process is similar.